Charter Services

     Flights Catered To You

Chartering an aircraft with CapJet is guaranteed to be a seamless and enjoyable experience. The team at CapJet has over 40 years combined experience in the charter industry. With many different types of aircraft available for charter, sometimes the obvious choice of aircraft is not always the best. There are many variables to consider when choosing the type of aircraft for a flight, such as number of passengers, time to destination, airport services and above all, SAFETY.

At the time we receive your trip inquiry, we put our knowledge to work to determine which aircraft will best suit your trip, taking into consideration all of the aspects of the trip and above all, making sure it is done in a safe and cost effective way. CapJet will handle all details of the flight including catering and ground transportation along with any special requests you have for the flight.

Throughout the years, we have handled trips for business and pleasure, as well as facilitated crew change flights for drilling companies throughout the United States and Mexico. CapJet books flights in every type of aircraft available from twin engine piston, to turboprop and light jets to VIP airliners. Interested in seeing what options for charter are available for you? Give "The Aviation Professionals" at CapJet a call. We will be more than happy to help you decide which is the best option for you.

To learn more about chartering and how you can benefit from it, click here to view the Guide to Chartering an Aircraft. This guide was also published in the 4th Quarter Edition of the Aviation Business Journal.